Overseas Workers Welfare Administration

08 August 2019 

FilCom, OFW in Madrid, Spain donate to OWWA’s Tuloy Aral Project


The Asociación Mujeres Filipina de Madrid (AMFIL) and OFW Maria Josela S. Zamora donated €100.00 each for their chosen beneficiaries under the Tuloy Aral Project (TAP) of OWWA.

The chosen beneficiary of AMFIL is a Grade 12 student from Marikina City. Her mother was a domestic worker in Qatar. The AMFIL is a local Filipino organization in Madrid established in 2004. With more than 100 active members, AMFIL is committed in organizing different trainings and seminars aimed at promoting the welfare and integration of Filipina overseas workers in Madrid like computer literacy, sewing, cooking, etc. The group also raises fund for different causes. One notable provision in their by-laws is the inclusion of OWWA’s TAP as beneficiary of the group’s fund in case the organization splits up.


Maria Josela S. Zamora, from Dumaguete, has been an OFW for 33 years now in Madrid, Spain. She is working as a cook and is an active member of the AMFIL. OFW Zamora has four (4) children who are now successful in their respective fields. She started to sponsor TAP beneficiaries in 2004. Now, she chose another child-beneficiary from Borbon, Cebu as recipient of her donation. The said beneficiary is currently in Grade 4 and is a child of a former domestic worker in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


 “We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Ms. Zamora and the AMFIL for their generosity. Their donation will go a long way in the schooling of the less fortunate children of former OFWs. We, at DOLE-OWWA, laud our successful OFWs who selflessly share their economic gain from overseas employment to other OFWs in need. We hope more OFWs will be encouraged to do the same,” said Labor Secretary and OWWA Board of Trustees Chair Silvestre H. Bello III.


The Tuloy Aral Project was launched in December 2004 to help the less fortunate children of former OFWs continue their education in the Philippines.

The DOLE and the OWWA regional offices, with the help of DSWD, identify children of former OFWs who need financial assistance in their schooling. The DSWD or DOLE-OWWA prepares a family profile that will serve as the basis for the selection of TAP beneficiary.


The Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLOs), on the other hand, assist in promoting the program and identifying OFWs who are successful, financially stable, and in good standing to act as prospective donors. OFW organizations/associations or private sectors at post may also volunteer to act as donors.

“Donors provide financial support to their chosen beneficiary to enable them to continue their education. The amount will help cover for school expenses such as school supplies, books, projects, transportation expenses, and allowance for the entire school year. The donation given by the benefactors could really make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged children of former OFWs,”said OWWA Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac.


With the upcoming implementation of the Rebate Program, OWWA also included the Tuloy Aral Project on the options on how qualified beneficiaries can claim their rebate. They can choose a child-beneficiary and donate the amount of their rebate to the TAP. OWWA hopes that more OFWs will be encouraged to contribute to the said program so that more less fortunate children of OFWs will also be aided in their schooling.

Interested donors may contact OWWA Hotline 1348 for more details.