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OWWA responds to COA findings on high-end gadgets

July 12, 2016
OWWA responds to COA findings on high-end gadgets

In response to a news article citing the findings of the Commission on Audit (COA) on the purchase of high-end mobile phones and electronic gadgets, OWWA Administrator Rebecca J. Calzado said that explanation/clarification to the audit observation has already been submitted to COA.


The news article pointed out that COA questions the excessive purchase of Apple iPads and iPhones and that more than one gadget is issued to some employees. The audit team further observed that these high-end smartphones and tablets have the same capabilities compared to less expensive brands.


OWWA justified the acquisition of the said gadgets are within the limit by making it clear that the iPhone units were not purchased but are offered “free” as inclusion to the post-paid plans, with 24 months lock-in period, availed by the agency. OWWA further stressed that these post-paid plans are more advantageous to the government than separate purchases of individual mobile phones.


OWWA has submitted a list of the active units of iPhones and the corresponding users to show that no official was issued more than one mobile phone.


iPads, on the other hand, were issued to OWWA key officials because of the necessity to check and transmit urgent and important e-mail messages when they are outside the office attending interagency meetings and other official functions.


Administrator Calzado ensures the OWWA clientele and the public that the agency stands by its commitment of a transparent and judicious fund stewardship. Furthermore, the agency has been astute in the utilization of its funds by strict adherence to the government procurement process.