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Migrants Day Celebration 2015

June 10, 2015
Migrants Day Celebration 2015

The annual celebration of the Migrants Day spearheaded by POLO-OWWA  was done at Naples, Italy on the 2nd day of  June 2015 at Hostel Mergellina Salita Della Grotta 23.


The event was attended by almost twenty five different Filipino communities from Rome, Terni, Napoli and Salerno. Twelve of these Filcoms participated in the competition for cultural  presentation. 


Minister and Consul General Leila Lora Santos from PE Rome  was the Guest Speaker.  Guests from the Italian government were Onorevole Alessandro Fucito from the Assesore Patrimonio Commune di Napoli,  Avv. Velerio Sasso and Fr. Antonio Pasciello who celebrated the Eucharistic Celebration for the migrants.


    Fr. Pasciello celebrating the mass with the migrants with Minister/ConGen Lora-Santos & undersigned


Highlighting the event was the services provided by POLO-OWWA. Entertained queries and acceptance of payment for OWWA  registration. POLO also had the BM Online registration for Balik Manggagawa processing in preparation for the seminar to be conducted next month.


Said seminar will help new registrants on how to do the right process  and to get rid of the long queue while applying for the overseas employment certificate or the oec before going home.


AS Maria Corazon Sangco for OWWA Services


AS May  Velonta of POLO for the BM Online


Free medical mission  was also provided during the event. Four members of  the Filipino Nurses Association (FNA) led by its president, Ms. Helaria Pescador from Rome was able to provide Blood Pressure monitoring, Blood Sugar level check up, Cholesterol Level check up, health tips for good health for 120 availees. First Aid was also provided to a child who has incurred a minor injury during the event.


Filipino Nurses Association of Italy - Medical


Twelve Filcoms enthusiastically showed their talent during the competition for interpretative cultural presentation.  Every production showcased folkdances and songs Filipinos truly love. Winners were chosen through mastery of their piece,  stage performance and relevance to the event.


 Winners were:


1.      Association of Filipinos United of Salerno .- First Prize

2.      Visayas- Mindanao Organization- Second Prize

3.      Filipino Community of Terni


All Filipino Communities who attended the event were awarded with plaques and certificates of recognition . OWWA - Kaanib Award was specially awarded to three Filipino Communities and two individuals  for their philantrophic acts in sponsoring poor but deserving children of the under privileged   migrant workers.


1. Unified Democratic Filipino Community of Naples '77  w/ 2 scholars (high school & college)   

2. Filipino Communita of Naples dal 1977 with one high school scholar

3. Filipino Community of Salerno, Italy with one high school scholar

4. Mela Berganio Castillo with one high school scholar

5. Eleonita Embagon Alagon with one high school scholar


Welcome Remarks-Mr. Romy Marcos, UDFCN President


Reading of OWWA Administrator's message


Message from Hon. Alessandro Fucito, ass. Patrimonio


Message of  Minister/Congen Lora-Santos, Guest


Guests  and migrants…






the OFW Cake…